Ableton Push Review

Ableton Push 2 Midi PadManufacturer: Ableton

Model: Ableton Push

Type: MIDI Controller

Product URL: Website

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a MIDI pad that comes with all the features of an ideal digital audio workstation, this is the option. Push 2 Ableton combines all subtle, big, and small changes that will help you fine-tune and finish your song. With all the elements of song creation that Ableton Push comes with, you can now make something valuable from scratch.

  • Works seamlessly with Ableton Live
  • Multicolor display and responsive pads
  • Library of sound and instruments available
  • Sampling workflows available
  • Eight touch-sensitive encoders
  • Enhance your workflow with hands-on control tools
  • It comes with playable pads
  • You can get waveform display and instant visual feedback with the high-res color screen
  • Get full access to Ableton live with the touch-sensitive encoders and extra controls
  • Select scales directly from the pad matrix


  • The Ableton Push 2 comes with a simpler that allows you to adjust and manipulate anything in your controller in simple and quick pace.
  • Ableton Push Live allows you to browse your VSTs, projects, virtual instruments, sample library and launch anything you want. And thanks to the Browser, you can do all these things right from your controller.
  • Adjusting your pad sensitivity, display brightness, and backlight on the controller is now easier than ever. And with the new sampling workflows and convert button, you can now slice, play, and manipulate all the samples from Push on your controller.
  • You can control your mixer, instruments and devices, thanks to the 8 touch-sensitive encoders.
  • The device also allows you to view all your channels in distinctive colors. Whenever you select a new channel, all the buttons change to the color in that channel – which makes the whole controller look pretty and inviting. Interestingly, you will also be able to determine the instrument you are playing with ease.
  • It has a solid build and the knobs are well placed on it. The display also makes it easier to work with your controller and improve your creativity.
  • With the 64-pad matrix on Ableton Push 2, you can easily create swells between notes using pressure. You can bend notes by using the touch strip. If you are used to conventional keyboards, you can easily track key intervals and scales using the multi-color lighting on this controller.
  • Ableton Push can easily replace a traditional MIDI keyboard. The way the notes are laid out on the screen makes it easy for both guitarist and pianist to understand quickly. The controller learns your finger patterns and recreates the chords and intervals through the entire pads.


  • There are no tilt mechanisms in Ableton Push
  • It does not have a custom case
  • Integrating with native instruments is not straightforward, so making music from scratch may not be intuitive.

Ableton Push Portability

Although Ableton Live Push is standing on the same width with the previous version, it is thinner, and builds upon many of the features of its predecessor. The option buttons on this unit are now redesigned with the LCD screen taking a complete overhaul so that it is longer but lighter than the previous version.

Ableton Push 2 has a solid built to it. And it feels durable. All these changes make this MIDI controller suitable for travel. Moving it around in your studio is also going to be straightforward. Another beautiful thing about this model is that it won’t take up too much space on your desk. This is one of the most interesting part of this device. In fact, it is one of the features I cherish on it.


If you are looking for a budget MIDI controller, the Ableton Push 2 may not be for you. This MIDI controller is very expensive, although the features pretty much pay for themselves. Since its cost spans a few hundred dollars, it is not for everybody. Truly, if you look at the features, you will immediately discern that it is made for a particular group of people.

These people already choose Ableton, want to change workflow, and get the complete features the best MIDI controller can offer. If you are looking for a mid-level controller you can use for regular MIDI work, I would advice you look at other products like the M-Audio Oxygen 49, which has more keyboard and costs lesser.

Beginner or Pro-friendly

This is where I give you my opinion whether a product is suitable for a beginner or someone with experience. Most times these products are suitable for both groups. Other times, they are only suitable for a group. However, what I always try to point out are the flaws that might make it difficult for a beginner who just want to learn and the pro who want to try out a new angle.

Unlike other MIDI controllers that require a learning curve before you can make music, Ableton Push 2 makes sampling new beats a streamlined process for you. Best of all you can create new beats and slice loops just like a pro. With a full-color display, you can zoom closer to view your samples in much more details. Working with this MIDI controller will seem like you have been working with Ableton Push for a long time.

Keyboard Feel on Ableton Push 2

Most people complained a lot about the previous Ableton Push. Some people reported that the keyboard is not well arranged nor balanced such that it gives them the opportunity to procreate new ideas in an effective. This time around, the keyboard is well designed. The touch strip has also gotten a makeover so that people with fat fingers can now reach the bottom or top of the keyboard without applying too much pressure.

Unlike the previous version, the material used for the plate and the pads are of better quality so that they don’t attract dust like before. This also means that Ableton Push will last longer and allow you to save the cost you would otherwise have spent on another product.

The buttons on the keyboard are located where they make sense.

The backlight on the buttons is now balanced, unlike before where it is concentrated at the middle. This means that you can easily read where your buttons are when you need them. Moreover, the pads on Ableton Push 2 are much more responsive and brighter than they were in the predecessor.

Number of Pads

This pad comes with 64 pressure sensitive and velocity sensitive pads that are surrounded by control tools. With these control tools, you can transition from laying down your session, setting up distinctive grooves, and rounding up everything to make a final mix. Thanks to the 64 pads, you can access your sequencer interface and the drum pads simultaneously. Moreover, it allows you to stay on your creative flow whether you are making slicing beats or launching loops.

DAW Compatibility

If you already chose Ableton as your choice of digital audio workstation, then this MIDI controller is the best out there for you. With Ableton Push 2, you can start making music with your DAW in no time, especially if your choose Ableton Live. Working with your software and making music will be much more powerful than ever before.

Although it is designed for Ableton Live, you can use it with other software as a generic MIDI controller. Although, it would be best to use it with Ableton Live, you don’t have to ditch your present software for it. And if you are using Logic Pro, it can work on it so you can still use it on your Mac.

Extra Controls

The pad comes with all the control features that will keep you locked in your creative workflow. Thanks to the high-resolution display on Ableton Push 2, you can easily move between slicing beats, tweaking virtual instruments, and browsing plug-ins and devices.

The update to this version will make it even lovelier to previous users who want to upgrade as well as those who want to join the Ableton Push fan base. Whichever of the two groups you find yourself, you will very much appreciate the extra features and control on Ableton Push 2.

The LCD screen is one of the biggest update to this unit. And that screen makes it look beautiful – it’s no longer just a piece of equipment in your studio but something you want to showcase. The screen offers different colors so that you can easily read the text easily as well as decode exactly what the rotary knobs are displaying.

The biggest advantage to the screen is that it allows you to see how your sample wave looks like, manipulate it until it suits your fancy. And most glaring is the ability to see the changes as it conforms to your preferences on screen.

Another thing about this MIDI controller is that it makes things easier from feel to function. Some users noted that it helped their workflow better to the extent that it makes the use of the computer limited and diminished.

Consumer Reviews and Ratings

While researching, I discovered that many users give glowing reviews to Ableton push for its high quality build. To be sincere with you, this product is actually worth all the praise because of the quality that goes into it.

The buttons, knobs, pads, and plates are made from high quality materials so that it is solid, sturdy, and feels durable. The sound quality is also great and the multi-color display is well received among users. If you are ready to pay the price, the Ableton Push 2 is a nice piece of equipment to add to your music creation software arsenal.

Pricing and Where to Buy

If you look at most of the reviews on this website, you will see that we always try to help you secure the best deal. We like to provide the options where you can buy the product and tell you the best place to buy from. One of first place you want to look when buying Ableton Push 2 is the manufacturer’s website. You also want to look at eBay as well as Sweetwater.

However, I would recommend you buy from Amazon because they usually have the best price on MIDI controllers and other products. If you arrive at the right time on the site, you can also get free shipping for your product. Check out Amazon pricing here.

Wrapping Up

This pad is one of the best controllers for Ableton currently on the market for now. It would probably retain that position for a few years. Although this device is not flawless, it is incredibly sharp, performs its functions well. Moreover, it will help you create music.

The beauty of this Ableton Push is that it allows you to switch between performance, developing new beats and launching new loops in a very quick pace so that you don’t lose your flow.

Ableton Push Review

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