Bomebox: Do You Really Need It?


The Bomebox is a MIDI box for PC and Mac and has been around for a year now.

It has the power of the Bome MIDI Translator Pro software and many other exciting features. It is a routing and filtering application that allows performers to do their job without resorting to their computer system.

With this box, you can easily launch MIDI commands and execute scripts and notes from different available MIDI ports. It can also be used to edit or execute several commands at the same time. This can help with complex video setups.

The Bomebox is a standalone instrument and it can execute these scripts without the help of a host computer.

It features Ethernet, WIFI, MIDI hardware, and USB, which makes it possible for all these features to come alive. Moreover, it also has a PoE that allows you to power the box through an Ethernet.

The box comes with several ports that allow you to multi-task, thereby making your creative workflow better and faster.

Is it Useful?

One of the questions prospective owners ask about the Bomebox is whether it is indeed useful or not.

Most people think they don’t solve many problems and don’t have many ins and outs that will make work easier. The truth is that that is often far from being the truth.

One of the advantages of MIDI boxes is that they offer wireless and wired MIDI extensions. And these can be quite useful in a number of situations.

In a typical music studio or stage, there is usually a risk to using a computer. A computer could receive unexpected software update, fall down, crash, or worst be crammed among other objects in that space.

The MIDI box on the other hand can achieve everything the computer provides in such a situation without the problems posed by a computer.

According to the CEO, Florian Bormers, “Many artists using MIDI controllers will finally be able to perform on stage without a computer. In particular, if different protocols and technologies need to interact, or many MIDI devices need to be connected, the BomeBox is the solution, for a fraction of the cost and size of a computer.”

Moreover, the Bomebox is compatible with most software and hardware pieces. It works with software such as the Cubase, Reason, Ableton Live, Native Instruments Traktor, Emagic Logic, and many other programs.

It will also work with Yamaha, CME pro, MagicFlute, Behringer, Novation Remote SL, IBK, JL Cooper, and many other hardware.

You can find more information about the Bomebox here:

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