Ergonomics 101: The Effects of Sedentary Lifestyle


If you are a music producer and you spend a lot of time on your desk, you need to check yourself. Sitting can feel good at certain points, for example, after a long walk. But it can become risky when you do it all day.

Most of us have to sit at our desk and battle an endless bout of creative sessions. We can even forget about what is happening in the outside world, as we get completely engrossed in our project.

Why this shows our utmost dedication, it often have its own consequences. Unless you work your legs and muscles, you may be prone to a sedentary lifestyle. According to a Wikipedia, living a sedentary lifestyle can cause many problems for you. It has health effects and can equally cause preventable diseases.

Do you know that if you are physically inactive, you risk colon and dementia? However, increasing bouts of physical activities can help you reduce dementia. Most importantly, you need physical exercises to maintain the mineral content and the strength of your muscle bones.

You may not be guilty right now. But, what about the future? How about those you know that are guilty of this kind of lifestyle. There are so many things that you can do with your health rather than have it bugged down with this.

A sedentary lifestyle has been linked to:  

Aside from the above, it can also have other effects such as the following:

It can make you lose your flexibility. The more period you spend sitting at your desk, the more your body becomes rigid. Moreover, sitting for long periods can weaken your glutes and abs. This means that your movement and posture can also be affected since they are primary organs that control your movement.

It can lead to lower metabolism. An active lifestyle involves burning lots of calories. And the opposite involves storing lots of calories – which might be harmful to the body. When you sit down for long periods, your body’s ability to burn fat becomes weaker. This can occur whether you are at your desk staring at your computer screen or playing away at your keyboard. And when this happens, your rate of excretion also becomes lower.

There are many other health risks attached to such lifestyle – remember a sedentary lifestyle is synonymous with inactivity. And inactivity can lead to weight gain. With that come lots of health complications such as heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes. Your muscles, especially the heart, need to be constantly worked up. It is through this means that you can stay healthy.

At Least There Are Solutions

According to a research conducted by the John Hopkins Medicine, physical inactivity can lead to anxiety and depression, high blood pressure and cholesterol level, overweight or obese. And James A. Levine, an obesity specialist at Mayo Clinic concluded that, “Any extended sitting – such as behind a desk at work or behind a wheel – can be harmful.”

Many solutions have been prescribed by different experts on the topic. One of the recommended ways of reversing such lifestyle is active travel. It encourages much walking, which can make your lighter and more focused.

Another technique is having interruptions or break between sessions. For example, if you work on a new sound production for an hour. You may decide to rest for 15 minutes before coming back to edit your creation. This will help your mind to become focus and your brain refreshed. This will definitely affect your productivity and output – in a positive way.


In a future article, we will see go through the possible solutions that can help you fight this condition if you are already suffering from it. But if you are not, then you should keep doing what you are doing.

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