How to Improve Your Playing Technique on Your Phone


If you want to learn bass, ukulele, guitar, you don’t need to register for expensive courses or spend a lifetime in front of a MIDI controller.

With your phone, piano, and some time on your hand, you can learn all the basics you need to play them.

In this article, we have come up with apps that are free (with extra features unlocked in full versions) to you at any time.


If you want to jumpstart and shorten your learning curve, you need to get Yousician on your phone.

Yousician, a free app for iOS and Android devices, can help you achieve your goal.

The Yousician is an app that teaches musical notation and basic playing techniques in a step-by-step lesson to beginners like you.

In each lesson, you are presented with a challenge. While attempting these, the app listens to your playing.

In addition, using your physical keyboard, the app will rate you and grant access to a subsequent lesson after you have completed one.

The app will help you to learn from spoken instructions, video hints, and visual feedback as you practice strumming musical strings on your piano.

Although the app alone won’t turn you into an expert, you will soon learn that the extensive lessons in the app are a step towards the right path.

Moreover, the lessons are easy to follow and you get instant/constant visual feedback to improve your hand technique and knowledge of musical theory.

The downside to this app is that you may have to subscribe to its Pro version – which costs $20/month for each instrument – to get maximum benefit. The free version is only limited to lessons.

You can get Yousician here.


Simply Piano

Simply Piano is another app to cook up your learning. Unlike Yousician, it is only available for iOS users.

The lessons in Simply Piano are arranged in a step-by-step order with different courses.

It is more or less a text base program since it lacks the voice-over and graphical cues that Yousician boasts of.

However, it will help you make effective use of your piano or MIDI controller by telling you how well you are playing.

The app features many courses, but only two are available in the free version. To unlock all the courses, you need to subscribe to $15/month.

Simply Piano is available here.


Perfect Piano

Since Simply Piano is only for iOS users, Android users will find a good alternative in Perfect Piano.

Perfect Piano is a nice app that features onscreen graphics instructions as it helps you play to wide range of music ranging from classical to popular.

Moreover, it is a designed to be used with its onscreen keyboard so if you don’t have a real keyboard to use, you won’t have any problem.

Like the others here, it is free; however, you may have to unlock the full features before you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Perfect Piano is available here.

Traktor Effects Controller


Another app is the TKFX app, designed by Traktor for those that want to expand their control music creation tools.

This app is available for Android and iOS devices, especially iPad. It lets you control effects in real time.

Using MIDI mapping, the app creates two axes (X/Y grid) and allows you to set parameters to both. To use this device, you need to download a small app (free) on your Mac or PC that will serve as the medium between you and the device.

It is available free on and contains in-app purchases for extending the features from Traktor.


There are many more applications that you can use on your phone and start learning or improve your knowledge of MIDI controllers. With this in place, you can learn on the go and come back home to apply the knowledge in real-life.

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