iPhone 7 Users Rejoice – Korg’s plugKEY Eliminates Headphone Problem

With the absence of the audio jack in the iPhone 7, most users will find it difficult to listen to jam while charging their phones.

This means that you have to carry an adapter with you everywhere you’re going just to listen to music. And if you like to listen to music while charging your phone, then you are going to be stuck since you won’t be able to do that.

Apple and Better User Experience

The effort of Apple Inc. to bring a bigger battery and better waterproofing capacity for its customers caused the company to eliminate the headphone jack from its latest iPhone.

Only wireless accessories can now be used easily on the phone.

However, if you already got the iPhone 7 on your hands, don’t fret. There is now a solution – Korg’s plugKEY.

With the plugKEY, you can now charge your phone while listening to songs. Just connect the plugKEY to your device using your USB cable to the iOS USB power supply.

Initially, the plugKEY was initially created to help iOS users interface with music apps. But now, it function has exceed that. And it is now as if Korg designed it for iPhone 7 users.

The plugKEY has a 1/8″ output with dedicated headphone connector and a lightning charger for fast charging. Not only will you have access to Aux jack but also the headphone functionality.

However, it function is not limited to just headphones and Aux jack. Those who want to make music with their iOS devices can also benefit.

The plugKEY comes with a dual 1/4″ output and a 5-pin MIDI-IN that allows you to connect to your mixers and audio interfaces.

The plugKEY is available for $99.99 and you can order from www.korg.com


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