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Logic Pro X for Music Creation on Mac

What is Logic Pro X?

Logic Pro has long been one of the most popular software options for music recording. Both professionals and hobbyists praise it for its functionality, ease of use, and affordable price. Its latest version, Logic Pro X, continues this legacy with new features and an intuitive interface for just $199.99. And this is a price that’s almost unheard off for a music software with any handful functionality, let alone this much.

A Full Music Studio – Musicians Included – in One Package

There are now a wide variety of music recording software available. Most of them with a single feature or purpose. And it can be pricey and time-consuming to amass everything needed to produce a complete recording from this sort of equipment.

Logic Pro solves this by including a massive number of versatile plugins and sounds with the base software, which is itself full-featured already. EQ, reverb, pitch correction (akin to Autotune), compressors, amp simulators, and much more. Thus eliminating the need to drop hundreds more on those plugins separately.

Consequently, synth lovers will have a great time experimenting with Alchemy, Logic’s synthesizer. It can import EXS24 instruments to create unique samples with the help of its countless filters and effects.

The user can also peruse Logic’s Sound Library, which includes many different synth tracks from both modern times and eras past. Indeed, all types of instruments, from cutting-edge to vintage, are available as Patches in the Sound Library. Orchestral woodwinds, world percussion, and all manner of pianos can be found inside.

Each of these comes with its own Smart Controls, which match the style of the instrument. Seamless MIDI integration means using any of them is as easy as plug and play.

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Your Very Own Session Drummer

One of Logic Pro X’s most raved-about features is Drummer, a surprisingly advanced AI drum kit that adapts to the style of each recording it’s used in. In addition, different “profiles” are available for the Drummer.

After selecting an overall genre, such as Rock or House, you can choose whether to use electronic or live drum sounds, customize the drum kit, and even convert the entire drum track to a MIDI track. As a result, this will give you full control over every beat.

Create Your Dream Rig

Logic’s instrument designers offer an intuitive way to make your digital recordings come alive. Drum Kit Designer lets the user mix and match pieces from a variety of kits, adjust the tuning, and more. All the while, all while visualizing the setup as an actual drum kit that changes as it’s tweaked in the program.

Guitarists can experiment in the Amp Designer and create the perfect amplifier from a wide selection of cabinets, EQs, reverbs, amp heads, and mics. Bass amps get the same treatment, albeit with a slightly more limited selection. Over 35 pedals are also available.

The pedals can be chained together in any configuration, making the feature especially useful for on-the-go recording when it’s not practical to set up a full pedalboard. This is just a small sampling of Logic’s pedalboard:

  • Rawk! Distortion – Hard rock-style distortion with crunch, tone, and level controls.
  • Phase Tripper – Simple phase effect which can be used independently or synced with the track.
  • Blue Echo – Delay effect which can also be synchronized automatically with the track.

Recording Made Easy

For those who just want to plug in, record, and experiment later, Logic delivers on that end as well. It can record full 24-bit/192kHz audio to over 250 tracks. Track management is easy with the Track Stacks feature. It allows you to group and consolidate tracks into submixes, clearing up the main screen and keeping everything organized.

The new Low Latency mode temporarily shuts off any plugins that increase latency so recordings can be made more precisely. This is very handy for those with lower-end equipment. In addition, Logic Remote allows the user to use an iPad or iPhone as a portable mixer, keyboard, plugin controller, or even a guitar. This ability to control the software from a separate space, such as a recording booth, is a major draw for Logic Pro X.

A Full MIDI Suite – And Beyond

One of the major criticisms of Logic in the past has been its lack of MIDI features compared to other programs of its caliber. Logic Pro X remedies that with an advanced MIDI sequencer that’s still intuitive enough for a beginner to use.  You can choose to visualize MIDI tracks in sheet music in rows or in a piano roll.

One of the advantages is that you can adjust parameters on the go. Or the Smart Quantize option can analyze the track and tighten it up automatically. Beginner musicians will appreciate that Logic can display the notes or chords on a MIDI controller. This makes it a useful tool not just for recording, but for learning as well.

If you can really perfect a MIDI track, you can use Logic Pro X to generate sheet music from it for any instrument. It can also generate guitar tablature, including chord diagrams and special techniques.

A Huge Step for Recording Software

Just a few short years ago, there was nothing like Logic Pro X on the market. Now, at an extremely affordable price point, anyone can have an incredible music studio on their notebook computer.

Logic Pro X gives bedroom musicians the ability to record like pros, and it gives the pros the ability to produce great work on the go with just one piece of software. Its one limitation is that it’s only available for Mac OS X – users of Windows who want to use it will have to purchase an Apple computer first.

Even so, Logic Pro X represents not just a great value, but also top-of-the-line performance and capability. Those who are serious about music would be amiss to dismiss it.

Is Logic Pro Free?

No, it’s not. You may have to buy it directly from the Apple store as there is currently no free version of this software. If you want to buy, you can go here to buy directly from Apple.

Is there Logic Pro for Windows?

Right now, there is no Logic Pro for Window users. Apple Inc. purchased Logic Pro from Emagic and since then, the development of the Windows version of the software has stopped. If you are a Windows users, you can still use the software “Dr.Drum”. Just be aware that you won’t be able to get the same features as those people using a Mac.

How Much is Logic Pro?

Logic Pro is available for Mac users. You can get it directly from Apple. I have included more information on where to buy it and how much it would cost you below:

Logic Pro X Details:

  • Price: $199.99 from the Mac App Store
  • Minimum Specs: 4GB RAM, OS X 10.9.5 or later, 64-bit Audio Units Plug-ins, 1280×768 resolution, at least 6GB free disk space (49GB optional content)
  • Over 8,000 sound Patches, Apple Loops, and EXS24 Sampler Instruments
  • Built-In Support for Control Surfaces from Apogee, Apple, CM Labs, Custom Recording Light, Emagic, EuCon, Frontier Design, hexler, JL Cooper, Korg, M-Audio, Mackie Designs, Novation, Radikal Technologies, Roland, Tascam, and Yamaha

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