Travel Tips For Touring Musicians

travel tips for musician

If you are always on the road or are planning to go overseas, you need to pay attention to certain things. Things that can make your life easier. In this article, we have gathered some interesting tips that can make your travel easier and sweet.

Travel Tip

1. Before leaving home, make a copy of your ID at home. The last thing you want to allow to happen is to lose your passport or driver’s license in a foreign country without a copy at home. If this happen to you, then you won’t be able to leave that country without proper identification. And if it happens to you in your home country, passing the airport screening section is impossible. If you leave a copy with a trusted person at home, you will be able to create a temporary passport in a foreign embassy when your passport gets lost or is stolen.

2. Make sure you have a backup for your itinerary. Have a copy of everything you need to ensure a successful tour. This include contact information, hotel names, flight number and times, etc. Keep a printed copy with you always. Then store another copy in a secure location – for example, online. Yes, your cellphone can do all these too. However, what happens when the battery is down? The main purpose of keeping a backup is so that you will have access to all your documents at any time. Keeping this type of sensitive information in your phone is risky because your phone can be stolen or get lost and the purpose will be defeated.

3. Take shots of every luggage. All your luggage as well as carry-on should be pictured and stored in your smartphone. Moreover, ensure the brand of the luggage is clearly visible. This is the first question you will be asked when you file a claim. And if possible, use a label on all luggage. You can help the police and airline personnel to locate your luggage quickly with all these information. In addition, make a list of all the items you have in each bag. Store it securely online. When a bag gets lost or missing, you will have evidence of not only what’s in it when you file a claim but also how the bags looks like for easy identification.

4. Make the plan complete by coming with a hand luggage. Despite the effort of airline personnel, baggage still gets missing from time to time. And the effect can be disastrous if you are not well prepared. You can curb the aftermath of such event by keeping a pair of socks, underwear, toothpaste and travel size toothbrush in your hand luggage. When you get missing luggage, you still have access to all your personal hygiene stuffs. You can be calm while the hunt for the missing item continues.

Proper Maintenance is Essential

5. Be methodical with your packing. You don’t have to cut out the necessities you will need on your tour all in the name of trimming down. If you are a touring musician, it’s best to bring two laptops with you always. You may be devastated when your laptop is stolen and you have a show the next day. Backup alone may not be enough. When you have two laptops, you can use one for all things music and the other one for every other thing.

6. Pack efficiently to avoid excessive luggage fees. Although this seems to overlap with the point above, however, trimming down efficiently is different from just trimming down your package. The key is to think strategically when packing the things you need for travel. This will leave you with the bare necessities and you will still have everything you need.

7. Another tip is to purchase a baggage with lifetime warranty. You can easily fix pieces that are badly beaten by frequent traveling. You can also get a lock for all your baggage so that all your items are safe. The advantage of a lifetime warranty is that you don’t worry too much about your baggage when it develops fault that are not as a result of usage.

8. Be indifferent to scenarios as they occur. This is because some things will happen that pleases you while others will displease you. Being able to flow with the tide of your condition is the key to a calm mind during travel. It will help you maintain your sanity and be in the proper mood for your shows.

9. Put your cellphone before embarking on the journey. This is incumbent upon you when you are on a long journey. And it will save you when your flight is delayed or your route is interrupted. Another useful tip is to invest in noise cancellation ear-pods. Yes, they are expensive. But you will appreciate them when you need to engage in a creative activity while the plane is in commotion.

Take Full Account of your Luggage

10. Although the reason for your travel and what you intend to do on getting to your destination will guide your packing, you still need to ensure you put down the absolute essentials. For example, if you don’t like your food to be delayed during your flight.

11. Another tip is to carry your MIDI controller and other smaller equipment that will help you keep up with your art. You don’t need to carry lots of gadget. And if you need space, you can roll your clothes instead of folding them. This will save space. The kind of clothing you carry with you should be of polyester and cotton. If you can carry half of each, this is better.

Summing Up

Finally, you might want to take your favorite meal with you. In fact, most travel pros pack food in their luggage. So this is not a new thing. According to Heather Poole, a blogger at, the number of flight attendants that carry food with them is more than those who don’t. They do this in consideration of the two most important packing problems – weather and terrain. Because of these two, you may worry about coats, umbrellas and the likes. You can solve this problem by using thermal T-shirt and long underwear. You can also use sweaters and layer them to create more space.

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