Palette – Modular MIDI Controller for Creative People


The Palette is a universal modular MIDI controller that you can easily customize to suit your needs. If you are a fan of Adobe products, this product will change the way you work.

You can integrate with Adobe products like the Lightroom, Photoshop, etc, and save time by automating repetitive tasks. Truly, this device will help you create a workflow that is unique to you.

Simple but powerful

Palette is built simply but it comes together as a robust device. When you start using it, you will discover how easy it is to add faders, dialers, and buttons to an existing MIDI controller.


You can create different MIDI channels from Palette. And switching between these channels is swift and smooth.

Although it is designed for Adobe products, it is a full MIDI controller.

It will work with your favorite DAWs. And you can assign notes for messages, sliders.

Assign button to functions like never before

starter_3qtrWhat makes this desktop controller even more intuitive is that you can assign buttons, pads, and dials to different functions on it.

The era of playing cat and mouse with your mouse is not over.

All the editing you need to do can be completed without shooting for your mouse. Palette is an outstanding instrument that lets you focus all your attention on your art.

You can do all your editing in one place, improve your workflow, and reduce eyes strain.

If you are a touring musician, you know the effect of having a lot of time on your hands. This device will change how you work. It will help you save time, especially if you work with tools like Adobe Lightroom.

Palette comes in different packages, which differs in functions and features. The lowest package is $199 and the most expensive is the $899 package.

More information

You can learn more from this video:

And get your hands on Palette from the official website:

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