Roland Introduces the A-01 MIDI Controller and Sound Generator

Roland A-01

Roland has released the A-01, a sound generator and mobile MIDI controller for making music on the go.

It features an onboard tone generator, step sequencer, and control over MIDI. Thanks to all these, this controller is very useful in every music scenario.

Its light battery and USB power makes it one of the most flexible instruments in its category.

It has three MIDI applications: the standard MIDI IN/OUT, wireless MIDI, and CV/GATE OUT. Using a USB MIDI connection, you can use the A-O1 with the MIDI in/out with Mac and PC-based DAW.

The wireless MIDI on the other hand can be used through Bluetooth LE on a Mac, PC, tablet, or Smartphone. As for the CV/GATE OUT, you can use it with vintage analog gear such as modulation synth.

The A-01 offers an 8-bit internal sound generator – which is designed from the experience of creating world-class synth – and a 16-step sequencer for creating musical notes.

The sequencer can be activated through internal synth engine or triggering external instrument.

The A-01 is developed on the technology of the Roland Boutique so that it can be docked in Roland’s K-25m Keyboard unit, which offers 25 synth keys and control of internal and external gears.

This controller and sound generator is suitable for modern music production with its rich options and features. It features Assignable dials, which offers control over external gears as well as the internal sound generator.

The graphic display also exhibit important information at the right time.

Weighing only 950g, the Roland A-01 is designed for touring musicians who want to develop robust sound system on the go.

Its lightweight battery and flexibility makes it one of the best items in your stable.

Introductory Video by Roland:


  • Highly suitable for mobile music production
  • Flexible and portable controller and sound generator.
  • With dual assignable ribbon control for modulation, CC, sound preview, pitch bend, and more.
  • The A-01 can be operated through USB power or battery.
  • It comes with a Bluetooth LE for use on Mac, PC, tablets, and Smartphone.
  • Compatible with Roland K-25m MIDI keyboard

More information is available here:

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