Soleman MIDI Foot Controller

Source Audio has just released a new MIDI controller: the Soleman MIDI Foot Controller.

If you have a MIDI-based effect system, the Soleman MIDI Foot controller is a flexible pedal that can help you control your device.

It can interface with any rack unit as long as it conforms to the MIDI standard. You can also control virtual instruments, Digital Audio Workstations, and VST plugins through its USB-MIDI interface.

Some Features of the MIDI Foot Controller

  • USB Port
  • 4 Programmable Footswitches
  • 3 Modes of Control
  • Complementary Editing Software
  • Tap Tempo Switch
  • Expression Input
  • High-contrast LCD Display

The four programmable footswitches allows you to launch individual MIDI messages, scroll through scenes, etc. Generally, it makes navigation on your device much easier.

The three modes of control include the Set List Mode, Panel Mode, and Scene Mode.

While you can use the Set List Mode to arrange presets into a custom sequence for a single song and create up to 64 unique set lists, the Scene Mode is only just an Up/Down Program Change controller and is useful for customizing names.

The Scene Mode is also the simplest among the three and if you already have a basic MIDI controller you are using, it should work fine with it.

On the other hand, the most flexible and most powerful of the three Modes is the Panel Mode, which allows you to fully customize the 4 Footswitches so that it can perform any MIDI function.

The MIDI Foot controller also has free USB Editor Software that is freely available from The editor allows you to define complex MIDI Macros.

It also enables you to edit hardware options, names and the three controls – Set List, Scene, and Panel Modes through an intuitive interface.

Although you can edit scenes and set lists on the Foot MIDI controller, the Editor gives you wider options. Moreover, the Editor is available to Mac and PC users.

More Features

If you have software, rack systems, and pedals connected to your device, you can easily create MIDI clock messages on the go using the Tap Tempo Switch.

With the expression input on the MIDI Foot controller, you can have expressive control over any MIDI-compatible devices and software.

The High-contrast LCD display features a preset with name capabilities.

In addition, it can be very useful when you need to work in a poorly lit environment or under direct sunlight.

It gives you clear view of what you are working on – so that you can save time, effort and improve your workflow under those environments.

At this time, the pricing data available is very limited. However, if you want to get your hands on this, you can obtain it for a street price of $249.

The official website has a list of authorized dealers you can get the device from.

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