Palette – Modular MIDI Controller for Creative People


The Palette is a universal modular MIDI controller that you can easily customize to suit your needs. If you are a fan of Adobe products, this product will change the way you work.

You can integrate with Adobe products like the Lightroom, Photoshop, etc, and save time by automating repetitive tasks. Truly, this device will help you create a workflow that is unique to you.

Simple but powerful

Palette is built simply but it comes together as a robust device. When you start using it, you will discover how easy it is to add faders, dialers, and buttons to an existing MIDI controller.


You can create different MIDI channels from Palette. And switching between these channels is swift and smooth.

Although it is designed for Adobe products, it is a full MIDI controller.

It will work with your favorite DAWs. And you can assign notes for messages, sliders.

Assign button to functions like never before

starter_3qtrWhat makes this desktop controller even more intuitive is that you can assign buttons, pads, and dials to different functions on it.

The era of playing cat and mouse with your mouse is not over.

All the editing you need to do can be completed without shooting for your mouse. Palette is an outstanding instrument that lets you focus all your attention on your art.

You can do all your editing in one place, improve your workflow, and reduce eyes strain.

If you are a touring musician, you know the effect of having a lot of time on your hands. This device will change how you work. It will help you save time, especially if you work with tools like Adobe Lightroom.

Palette comes in different packages, which differs in functions and features. The lowest package is $199 and the most expensive is the $899 package.

More information

You can learn more from this video:

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Roland Introduces the A-01 MIDI Controller and Sound Generator

Roland A-01

Roland has released the A-01, a sound generator and mobile MIDI controller for making music on the go.

It features an onboard tone generator, step sequencer, and control over MIDI. Thanks to all these, this controller is very useful in every music scenario.

Its light battery and USB power makes it one of the most flexible instruments in its category.

It has three MIDI applications: the standard MIDI IN/OUT, wireless MIDI, and CV/GATE OUT. Using a USB MIDI connection, you can use the A-O1 with the MIDI in/out with Mac and PC-based DAW.

The wireless MIDI on the other hand can be used through Bluetooth LE on a Mac, PC, tablet, or Smartphone. As for the CV/GATE OUT, you can use it with vintage analog gear such as modulation synth.

The A-01 offers an 8-bit internal sound generator – which is designed from the experience of creating world-class synth – and a 16-step sequencer for creating musical notes.

The sequencer can be activated through internal synth engine or triggering external instrument.

The A-01 is developed on the technology of the Roland Boutique so that it can be docked in Roland’s K-25m Keyboard unit, which offers 25 synth keys and control of internal and external gears.

This controller and sound generator is suitable for modern music production with its rich options and features. It features Assignable dials, which offers control over external gears as well as the internal sound generator.

The graphic display also exhibit important information at the right time.

Weighing only 950g, the Roland A-01 is designed for touring musicians who want to develop robust sound system on the go.

Its lightweight battery and flexibility makes it one of the best items in your stable.

Introductory Video by Roland:


  • Highly suitable for mobile music production
  • Flexible and portable controller and sound generator.
  • With dual assignable ribbon control for modulation, CC, sound preview, pitch bend, and more.
  • The A-01 can be operated through USB power or battery.
  • It comes with a Bluetooth LE for use on Mac, PC, tablets, and Smartphone.
  • Compatible with Roland K-25m MIDI keyboard

More information is available here:

Bomebox: Do You Really Need It?


The Bomebox is a MIDI box for PC and Mac and has been around for a year now.

It has the power of the Bome MIDI Translator Pro software and many other exciting features. It is a routing and filtering application that allows performers to do their job without resorting to their computer system.

With this box, you can easily launch MIDI commands and execute scripts and notes from different available MIDI ports. It can also be used to edit or execute several commands at the same time. This can help with complex video setups.

The Bomebox is a standalone instrument and it can execute these scripts without the help of a host computer.

It features Ethernet, WIFI, MIDI hardware, and USB, which makes it possible for all these features to come alive. Moreover, it also has a PoE that allows you to power the box through an Ethernet.

The box comes with several ports that allow you to multi-task, thereby making your creative workflow better and faster.

Is it Useful?

One of the questions prospective owners ask about the Bomebox is whether it is indeed useful or not.

Most people think they don’t solve many problems and don’t have many ins and outs that will make work easier. The truth is that that is often far from being the truth.

One of the advantages of MIDI boxes is that they offer wireless and wired MIDI extensions. And these can be quite useful in a number of situations.

In a typical music studio or stage, there is usually a risk to using a computer. A computer could receive unexpected software update, fall down, crash, or worst be crammed among other objects in that space.

The MIDI box on the other hand can achieve everything the computer provides in such a situation without the problems posed by a computer.

According to the CEO, Florian Bormers, “Many artists using MIDI controllers will finally be able to perform on stage without a computer. In particular, if different protocols and technologies need to interact, or many MIDI devices need to be connected, the BomeBox is the solution, for a fraction of the cost and size of a computer.”

Moreover, the Bomebox is compatible with most software and hardware pieces. It works with software such as the Cubase, Reason, Ableton Live, Native Instruments Traktor, Emagic Logic, and many other programs.

It will also work with Yamaha, CME pro, MagicFlute, Behringer, Novation Remote SL, IBK, JL Cooper, and many other hardware.

You can find more information about the Bomebox here:

iPhone 7 Users Rejoice – Korg’s plugKEY Eliminates Headphone Problem

With the absence of the audio jack in the iPhone 7, most users will find it difficult to listen to jam while charging their phones.

This means that you have to carry an adapter with you everywhere you’re going just to listen to music. And if you like to listen to music while charging your phone, then you are going to be stuck since you won’t be able to do that.

Apple and Better User Experience

The effort of Apple Inc. to bring a bigger battery and better waterproofing capacity for its customers caused the company to eliminate the headphone jack from its latest iPhone.

Only wireless accessories can now be used easily on the phone.

However, if you already got the iPhone 7 on your hands, don’t fret. There is now a solution – Korg’s plugKEY.

With the plugKEY, you can now charge your phone while listening to songs. Just connect the plugKEY to your device using your USB cable to the iOS USB power supply.

Initially, the plugKEY was initially created to help iOS users interface with music apps. But now, it function has exceed that. And it is now as if Korg designed it for iPhone 7 users.

The plugKEY has a 1/8″ output with dedicated headphone connector and a lightning charger for fast charging. Not only will you have access to Aux jack but also the headphone functionality.

However, it function is not limited to just headphones and Aux jack. Those who want to make music with their iOS devices can also benefit.

The plugKEY comes with a dual 1/4″ output and a 5-pin MIDI-IN that allows you to connect to your mixers and audio interfaces.

The plugKEY is available for $99.99 and you can order from


Soleman MIDI Foot Controller

Source Audio has just released a new MIDI controller: the Soleman MIDI Foot Controller.

If you have a MIDI-based effect system, the Soleman MIDI Foot controller is a flexible pedal that can help you control your device.

It can interface with any rack unit as long as it conforms to the MIDI standard. You can also control virtual instruments, Digital Audio Workstations, and VST plugins through its USB-MIDI interface.

Some Features of the MIDI Foot Controller

  • USB Port
  • 4 Programmable Footswitches
  • 3 Modes of Control
  • Complementary Editing Software
  • Tap Tempo Switch
  • Expression Input
  • High-contrast LCD Display

The four programmable footswitches allows you to launch individual MIDI messages, scroll through scenes, etc. Generally, it makes navigation on your device much easier.

The three modes of control include the Set List Mode, Panel Mode, and Scene Mode.

While you can use the Set List Mode to arrange presets into a custom sequence for a single song and create up to 64 unique set lists, the Scene Mode is only just an Up/Down Program Change controller and is useful for customizing names.

The Scene Mode is also the simplest among the three and if you already have a basic MIDI controller you are using, it should work fine with it.

On the other hand, the most flexible and most powerful of the three Modes is the Panel Mode, which allows you to fully customize the 4 Footswitches so that it can perform any MIDI function.

The MIDI Foot controller also has free USB Editor Software that is freely available from The editor allows you to define complex MIDI Macros.

It also enables you to edit hardware options, names and the three controls – Set List, Scene, and Panel Modes through an intuitive interface.

Although you can edit scenes and set lists on the Foot MIDI controller, the Editor gives you wider options. Moreover, the Editor is available to Mac and PC users.

More Features

If you have software, rack systems, and pedals connected to your device, you can easily create MIDI clock messages on the go using the Tap Tempo Switch.

With the expression input on the MIDI Foot controller, you can have expressive control over any MIDI-compatible devices and software.

The High-contrast LCD display features a preset with name capabilities.

In addition, it can be very useful when you need to work in a poorly lit environment or under direct sunlight.

It gives you clear view of what you are working on – so that you can save time, effort and improve your workflow under those environments.

At this time, the pricing data available is very limited. However, if you want to get your hands on this, you can obtain it for a street price of $249.

The official website has a list of authorized dealers you can get the device from.

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